Our Products

We offer products catering to Electronics, Microwave and RF, and Photonics fields.



Our wide range of products include Cleanroom & ESD safe workstations, Cleanroom / ESD flooring ESD chairs, Antistatic Assembly tables, Aprons, Gloves, Shoes, Floor / Fabric cleaners, Wire Stripper, Wrist wraps, Storage Cabinets, Racks, Shielding bags, ESD tweezers, Inspection tables, Shoe racks, Antistatic mats, Zipper bags, Airtight/humidity controlled storage cabinets, Masking tapes, Conductive bins, Grounding cord, Common point ground, etc .,


High Precision instruments such as Surface Resistivity Meter, Static Charge Meter, Static Field Meter, Wrist strap & Footwear Tester, Workstation monitors, ESD Safe Access control systems, Bar type and Bench type Ionisers, Insulation tester, Digital multimeter ,Earth resistance meter, & Safety ohm meter, Compact handheld field meter, Digital vernier caliper etc.,


BGA Stations, Multifunction Rework Stations, Digital Soldering Station, De-Soldering station, Thermal Wire Strippers, Fume Extraction System, Hot Air Station with adjustable temperature hot air gun, Table lamp with Fume Absorbers, Illuminated Magnifiers, Soldering tips, De-soldering tips, SMD soldering stations, Solder pot, Soldering irons, Temperature controlled Heat Plates, Smart tweezers, Table fume absorber, Vacuum pick up pen, Hot air nozzles, Electronic Assembly Tools & Tool Kits, etc.,

Cable Harness Products:

• DMC Crimping Tools, Installation & Removal Tools, Postioners, Locators, Wire Crimp Pull Test Systems, Butt Splices
• PTFE insulated Wires, Multicore Shielded Cables, Braiding, PTFE Sleeves
• Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
• Lacing threads
• Expandable Sleeves
• FRP Tapes, Insulation Tapes
• Connectors & Back Shells

RF and Microwave Products

• RT Duroid Substrates
• RF Connectors, In Series & Between Series Adapters
• RF Cables, , RF Cable Assemblies (Flexible and Rigid)
• Attenuators, Terminations
• Relays, Switches, Amplifiers, Power Dividers, Mixers
• Antenna, Tripod
• Waveguide Products

Optics, Fiber Optics & Photonics Products

• Production & Testing Equipment for Micro Assembly

Semi-automatic and fully automated production and testing equipment such as Fiber Alignment, Die Bonder, Chip Tester, Micro Assembly, Motion Stages in the field of Laser Diode manufacture, Optoelectronics, Medical, Security, Military Engineering and Telecommunications.  

• High Precision Dicing Machines

High precision dicing machines and machining systems for Semiconductors, Electronics, Ferroelectrics, Opto-electronics and Photonic industries.

• High Performance Tunable Laser

High performance and cost effective tunable laser as well as optical instruments such as Programmable Tunable Filters, Polarization Measurement Instruments, Attenuators, Delay Lines, etc.

Electro-Optical Test Systems

Electro-Optical Systems for testing of Imaging and Non-Imaging Sensors and Lasers, Infra-Red (IR) Blackbodies, Collimators, Test set-ups.

• Active Fiber Optic & Laser Components

Components such as Pigtailed Detectors, Emitters, High Power Lasers, InGaAs APD, Photo Diodes, LiNbO3 Integrated Optic components, Superluminescence Light Emitting diode (SLED), Narrow Line width Laser, High Power Pulse Laser Diodes, PINFET Detectors, etc.

• Passive Fiber Optic Components

Passives such as such as Isolator, Circulator, Fused Coupler, Faraday Mirror Rotator, PM Fiber products, WDM Couplers, etc.

• IR Optics components

IR Optics, Lenses, Mirrors, Optical Blanks, etc.

• Customized Products & Solutions

-We offer products catering to Electronics, Microwave and RF, and Photonics fields.